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Learn how to modernize your online education environments.

Welcome to Real-timeOnlineEd, a portal to timely

and relevant information about the adoption of

video conferencing and video chat services in

online higher education courses.

The use of synchronous video applications in fully

online, blended and technology-enhanced courses

at colleges and universities is starting to quickly

become a must-have technology.

This website provides the resources to help

educators make wise decisions about adopting

synchronous video. We have vetted the vendors

listed in the directory of service providers. The

section with links to articles and reports has been

developed through a deep reading of the literature

on this topic and continues to be updated regularly.

The monograph is a serious, well-researched

document that took several months of intense

research and interviewing to create. We also publish

a self-subscription-based eNewsletter that gets sent

directly to your email inbox once each month. 

Contact Us:

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Address - Lorenzo Associates, Inc.,

950 Hopkins Rd., Unit C, Williamsville, NY 14221

“Humanizing Online Ed: Choosing a Video System & Implementing Engagment Strategies”  features well- researched information to help educators decide on what video conferencing systems to take under consideration and how to implement their choice most effectively. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO AND TO PURCHASE THIS MONOGRAPH AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK FOR $26.95 - INCLUDES 2-DAY DELIVERY BY USPS - OR AS AN eBOOK FOR $14.99, DELIVERED IMMEDIATELY. See how to overcome the complex IT lingo! Liven up your online courses with synchronous multipoint video! Make your virtual environment as close as possible to a face-to-face classroom! Adopt exciting and now affordable technology that will engage your students like never before! Learn how to write an RFP for a video conferencing system! Learn about affordable video conferencing options that are now available to you from education- friendly vendors that we vetted through an extensive and unique research process! Stay ahead of the curve for the next important iteration of online education!
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